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Ricardo Bullecer’s incredible story with LT Marine

🛳 Fitter Bullecer’s incredible story with LT Marine, the digital manning agency that’s setting a new standard for seafarers worldwide! 🌊

Fitter Bullecer, a skilled seafarer with a decade of experience, shares his remarkable journey with LT Marine, a leading online crewing agency that prioritizes the needs of seafarers and their families. In this testimonial, discover how LT Marine’s unique value proposition and top-notch support transformed Bullecer’s career at sea.

An Inspiring Journey: From Land Welder to SF Welder

Bullecer began his career as a deck welder in 2012, motivated by the financial advantages of being an SF welder compared to land-based positions. As he sought a manning agency (MA) offering competitive salaries and benefits, Bullecer discovered LT Marine through a neighbor who had worked with the company’s owner, Captain Hablado.

The Digital Manning Agency Difference

Unlike the traditional agencies that left Bullecer waiting for weeks or months, LT Marine’s digital manning agency approach allowed him to be contacted immediately after creating his online profile. This modern and efficient process provided a refreshing change, as Bullecer could finally focus on providing for his family without unnecessary delays.

Fitter Bullecer was more than satisfied with LT Marine’s exceptional support and communication. The agency’s standout features include:

  • Family-first approach: LT Marine prioritizes the well-being of seafarers and their families with HMO coverage, free internet onboard, and flexible cash advance arrangements.

  • Contract customization: Seafarers can choose contracts based on their preferences, such as embarkation date, expected salary, and vessel type.

  • Fair evaluation: LT Marine ensures equal opportunity for all applicants, eliminating the “palakasan system” or backer system.

  • POEA compliance: LT Marine is 100% compliant with POEA regulations, ensuring a secure and safe employment experience.

  • 24/7 support: LT Marine offers round-the-clock assistance for seafarers, whether onboard or ashore, through their preferred contact method.

Despite noticing a slight limitation in LT Marine’s office and manpower, Bullecer’s overall experience was overwhelmingly positive. This testimonial highlights LT Marine’s commitment to delivering exceptional support, flexibility, and opportunities for seafarers like Fitter Bullecer.

Are you a seafarer looking for a reliable and supportive manning agency? Don’t hesitate to visit LT Marine and explore a world of possibilities for you and your family.

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